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Sculpting Tools Sprinks Set of 9

Sculpting Tools Sprinks Set of 9

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SPRINKS Sculpting Tools - Set of 9

The SPRINKS  double-sided 9-piece modeling tool set for sugar craft is a comprehensive kit designed to assist cake decorators, sugar artists, and bakers in creating intricate and delicate designs using sugarpaste, fondant, gum paste, and other edible mediums. Each tool in the set serves a specific purpose, allowing for precise shaping, detailing, and sculpting of sugarcraft creations. 

Ball Tool: The ball tool features two differently sized rounded tips at each end. This tool is ideal for thinning and smoothing edges, creating ruffles, shaping petals, and forming various floral and figurine details with soft, rounded effects.

Vein Tool: The vein tool features a pointed  tip designed to create delicate impressions, veins, and textures on petals, leaves, and other sugarcraft elements. It helps add realistic details and depth to floral designs and foliage.

Ribbon Insertion Tool: This tool features a thin, pointed end designed to assist in inserting and positioning ribbons, threads, or thin strips of fondant or gum paste into intricate patterns, borders, and decorative elements on cakes and confections.

Umbrella Tool: The umbrella tool features a rounded, concave tip resembling the shape of an umbrella. It is commonly used for creating cupped shapes, smiles, indentations, and soft curves in flower petals, blossoms, and other sugarcraft elements.

Grooved Cone Tool: The grooved cone tool features a tapered, cone-shaped tip with small grooves or ridges along its surface. It is used for creating frills, fluted edges, and textured details on petals, leaves, and other delicate sugarcraft decorations.

Cone Tool: The cone tool features a pointed  tip, resembling the shape of a cone. It is versatile and can be used for shaping, thinning, and embossing various sugarcraft elements, including flowers, figures, and decorative accents.

Knife Tool: The knife tool features a thin, flat blade with a sharp edge, allowing for precise cutting, trimming, and sculpting of sugarpaste, fondant, and gum paste. It is essential for creating clean lines, detailing, and intricate patterns on sugarcraft designs.

Shell Tool: The shell tool features a curved, spoon-like tip with a smooth, rounded surface. It is primarily used for creating realistic shell textures, scalloped edges, and decorative borders on cakes, cupcakes, and other edible creations.

The SPRINKS double-sided 9-piece modeling tool set offers a versatile selection of tools for sugarcraft enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its variety of shapes, sizes, and functionalities, this tool set enables users to bring their creative visions to life with precision, detail, and finesse. Made with BPA free quality plastic, the tips are removable for easy cleaning and storage.

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