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GOLD Leaf Colour Mill

GOLD Leaf Colour Mill

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Wanting to add a touch of elegance to your baked creations? Look no further than Colour Mills Gold Leaf!

Bring a little bling to your baking with their 23 karat edible Gold Leaf transfer sheets. Brush it onto your bakes or transfer it onto your treats to brighten up every bite. Gold Leaf is best applied to a tacky (but not wet) surface. If working with a hard medium like fondant, use a food-safe paint brush to lightly dampen the area with water.

To transfer your sheet, place leaf face down on your sweet surface. Lightly rub the back of the sheet before gently peeling away, revealing the incredible edible glamour.

The secret to long life leaf is keeping it stored in an airtight container in a cool dry spot.

Available in both 5 and 25 sheets, ensuring you have an abundance for your baking endeavours!

Size: 8x8cm sheets

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