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Edible Silver Leaf - Book of 5 Sheets (Transfer)

Edible Silver Leaf - Book of 5 Sheets (Transfer)

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Edible SILVER Leaf - Book of 5 sheets (TRANSFER)

Book of 5 sheets of edible silver leaf TRANSFER sheets. 

Each silver leaf measures to standard European size of 80mm x 80mm.  

These edible genuine silver leaf sheets are an ideal way to add a touch of luxury to cakes, chocolate, sugar crafts or desserts. When consumed these edible silver leaves disintegrate in the mouth without flavour. 

MADE IN GERMANY. Superior quality silver leaf sheets. Don't stock the low quality alternatives!

Made in Germany. Our range of edible silver leaf is sourced by reclamation and from reputable sources, undergoes a stringently controlled, hygienic beating process, is certified with GMP (Manufacturing Process) by an independent laboratory.

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