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Cake Tin 12 Hole Cupcake Muffin Tin

Cake Tin 12 Hole Cupcake Muffin Tin

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Pro Pan Tins are commercial quality bakeware that is made from premium 3003 alloy and is anodized.

This anodizing process hardens and seals the surface producing an attractive, smooth and safe finish, and is suitable for all types of baking.

Care: To maintain the beauty and performance of Pro Pan Anodized Bakeware, our cleaning recommendation is a simple soak in warm soapy water, followed by a quick hand wash, rinse and towel or air drying.

*Do not use dishwasher detergents, bleaches, harsh chemicals, abrasive soaps, wire brushes, scouring sponges, or sharp tools when cleaning as they can damage the surface of your Pro Pan bakeware.

*Each hole is approximately 7cm wide by 2.5cm deep.

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