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Cake Edgy Flexible Smoother Sprinks Set of 2

Cake Edgy Flexible Smoother Sprinks Set of 2

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CAKE EDGY Flexible Smoothers (Set of 2) - by Sprinks

Achieving sharp edges in cake decorating is important for a polished and professional look. Here's how you can improve your cake's sharp edges using the SPRINKS EDGY set of 2:

  1. Food Grade Flexible Smoothers: These tools are designed to help you smooth out the fondant on the surface of your cake. To achieve sharp edges, follow these steps:
    • After you've applied your fondant, use the SPRINKS Cake Edgy smoothers to gently press and smooth the edges of the cake.
    • Hold the smoothers at a slight angle against the cake and move them along the sides to create clean, crisp edges.
    • Continue smoothing until you achieve the desired sharpness and smoothness.
  2. Cookies - Use the Sprinks Edgies to help lift up soft uncookied cookie dough shapes to place on to baking trays.
  3. fondant Modelling Use Sprinks Cake Edgys to gently lift modelling and rolled out fondant pieces without damaging them.
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