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Cake Dowel White Cake Dowel 100pc (8 x 30cm)

Cake Dowel White Cake Dowel 100pc (8 x 30cm)

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Create tall cakes with confidence knowing your cake will remain sturdy, with our food grade LOYAL Cake Dowels! Providing the support your cake needs. Simply cut the heavy duty dowels to your required size.

LOYAL offers small and large dowel supports.

  • CDS0810 - 8x300mm (10 dowels)
  • CDS08100 - 8x300mm (100 dowels)
  • CDL1605 - 16x300mm (5 dowels)
  • CDL16050 - 16x300mm (50 dowels)

How to use:

  1. After you've iced all of your individual tiers on a LOYAL slip board, it is time to build your internal support structure.
  2. Insert your first dowel into the cake down to the base board. Mark the height of your cake on the dowel & remove.
  3. Cut dowel on the mark using LOYAL Dowel cutter. Use this dowel as a guide & cut the remaining dowels to the same length.
  4. Insert a minimum of 4 dowels evenly ensuring you do not space them wider than the tier above.
  5. Stack cakes as required using your trimmed dowels to support your cake tiers sliding.

If stacking multiple tiers, repeat process for every layer.

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